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After many years of providing professional web design and internet marketing services to numerous clients in Europe, Indalo Web Design has now moved to Arboleas, Almeria (between Albox and Huércal-Overa). We still look forward to working with new clients all over the world using internet communication services through media such as email, cloud document sharing, and video calls. Not only will we ensure that your website portrays your business in the best possible way but we can also increase your ranking on google using Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Finally, we consistently keep ourselves up to date with all the latest changes and trends which affect the internet and our websites. Thus ensuring that your website will be future proof and will continue to exceed your expectations.

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The use of the Internet can no longer be ignored in our modern society. People used to ask others: where could the best bargains be found? However, they are now much more likely to consult google directly. Moreover, with the arrival of modern mobile phones and tablets, you can now find what you are looking for in no time at all. Put in simple terms, modern companies can no longer compete in today's market place without a professional website.

Whether you are a store owner of any kind, personal coach, self employed carpenter or restaurant owner, you will need to have a professional website! Your website will often be the first contact you will have with your target group and potential customers. Indalo web design are people who are experienced and capable in web design. Consequently, we can guarantee a professional website to meet your needs for a fair price . We are based in Arboleas (between Albox and Huércal-Overa) Almeria.

web design Arboleas

Your website may often be the only way a customer can view your business. It is therefore extremely important that your website is user friendly and represents your business in the best possible way. Your website should look and feel professional and trustworthy. As far as content on the website, it should be quick and easy for potential customers to access details and information that they require about your business.

A professional dynamic website allows your customers to access the latest important information about your business, such as special offers and discounts. Old content can also be updated ensuring that customers are not given false information. The benefits of a professional company website are obvious, but many freelancers and small business owners still haven’t taken this opportunity. Our professional team at Indalo Web Design would like to welcome you to take this opportunity now by contacting us with your requirements.

What we offer

web design

Web Design

Indalo web design can offer you a complete web design package, that is user friendly. We built your website from scratch, install all the required plugins including security plugins and SSL certificate.

other services

Marketing & More

Next to building websites, Indalo web design offers help with internet marketing and a range of other services. Because of our wide and international network of professionals, the choices are almost limitless.

What our customers say about us


Ben has made several websites for me to full satisfaction. I know Ben as a very professional entrepreneur who listens well to your wishes and knows how to translate this into a website that scores high in Google!

Often I get to hear that my website is so well-organized and clear, which of course leads to more sales.

I can recommend Ben!


Angela Cappellano


Laura & Ben helped me to transfer my old website to a new WordPress website called Phoenix. They react adequately and quickly and are communicative, so the lines run quickly and quickly, and they are prepared to walk the" extra mile ". They do more than expected and agreed upon, a unique feature.

But the biggest compliment I can give them, and what I also experience as extremely valuable, is that they act as a partner in business. to, advise and actually show 'ownership' for their part of the work.

Thank you for your help!


Franklin Leers


Since 2015, Ben & Laura help me to make my products more findable on Google through my website. There was no structure before that. Ignorance of mine was the cause of this. It was very difficult to find a good and, above all, a reliable party that can unburden you. I found this 100% with them. They take initiative and come with advice and improvement points that you do not know about. Each his profession for that matter. For me, the website is a very important source of income and then it is nice to be able to trust that it is in good hands. The big advantage of them is that they control the work from A to Z so you do not have to work on various disks. This saves enormous time. (And frustration.) I can really recommend them to work with and hope to be able to do this myself for a long time.


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