Site Kit by Google

Google Site Kit for WordPress

Do you have a website created in WordPress, and do you work with Google tools to optimize your online marketing strategy? In that case, ‘Site Kit’ by Google for WordPress is really something for you. What Site Kit contains, and how you can use it, you can read on this page. This becomes a must …

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mobile first

Why Mobile First website design is so important

Google is performing more searches on mobile devices than through desktop computers. That is why in 2017 Google implemented measures to stimulate the use of mobile sites. In 2018 they have gone one step further with their ‘Mobile First’ approach. This was so drastic that the ranking of 80% of all indexed websites has changed. …

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artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Google

There are a lot of SEO specialists who can help you to make your website score higher in Google. People who claim that they know exactly what makes a site attractive to the search engines. To give your website that much-wanted first place in the search results. Unfortunately, these methods are often of a temporary …

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semantic search

Semantic search – a new way of searching

If you are a bit familiar with SEO and keyword analysis, you often see on websites how text writers try to influence the Google algorithm by repeating popular keywords in the same combination (I can’t deny being guilty of that myself!). Because people often search without Articles and perfect sentence structure, you often encounter crooked …

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mobile shopping

Mobile shopping: the future of online shopping?

Until a few years ago users of PCs and laptops were the leading factor in designing and setting up web shops. Mobile phones have already been used, but especially for requesting information not so much for mobile shopping. The actual purchase was made via the computer with which the consumer could safely use the internet. …

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online products

Online products, different variations to make money


We hope that you are doing well.

It’s our pleasure to share the information that we are a leading web services company with main competency in link building, Guest Posting and SEO Services, working as an outsourced vendor for many reputed SEO agency based in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

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What kind of links am I getting?

These are contextual, in-article links on sites with traffic and in your niche. They are a combination of guest post and editorial placement links. All links are on sites with traffic and a bare minimum of 30 Linking Root Domains and traffic.

Because that would be ripping you off! DA is an outdated metric that the SEO industry will stop using eventually. It is easy to manipulate with spam plus it creates the wrong incentives, i.e. if we are selling links based off only DA we could potentially sell you a link on a no-traffic website just because it meets your DA criteria.

We are looking forward starting a long and healthy business relationship with you.

Ranjan Saxena

Google Shopping

Google Shopping: How does it work?

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” If there is a product in your webshop that nobody visits, do you have a store? Attracting customers to a web store is in many ways more difficult than receiving customers in a store at …

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Differences between SEO and SEA

In this article I would like to discuss the difference between SEO and SEA. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. They are very similar, yet they are different. You can use them in your online marketing strategy in a completely different way to achieve the desired results. What are …

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online courses

Online courses: 8 Things you need to know

There are many prejudices about online courses that stop entrepreneurs from taking the step to start their own online course. And that’s a shame because you can achieve a lot with online courses or webinars. As an entrepreneur, it can lead to more leads, customers, and awareness for your brand, and the participants can learn …

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