Canva: a useful tool for your social media posts

If you manage a blog or post a lot on social media like Facebook and Instagram, you know how important attractive imagery is. Finding a good photo can take a lot of time, as well as, for example, creating a quote yourself. The online photo editor Canva responds to this need.


What exactly is Canva?

Canva is an online photo editor that is easy to use for anyone without specific training or experience. The program works intuitively (mostly drag and drop) and is much simpler than professional image editing programs such as Photoshop. You will have a beautiful (and distinctive) photo creation within an instant. The best part might be that it’s totally free! The version has a limit of 1 Gigabyte storage and gives access to 8000 templates!

The many possibilities of Canva

One of the nice features of it is that you can easily put quotes into a beautiful design. Click on 'Text' in the menu and you can choose from many fresh designs (including speech bubbles and icons), which you can then adjust in terms of size, colour, and font. As far as the fonts are concerned: there are very nice and there is plenty of choices!

Canva templates

In Canva you can make a design of any size. The program also has a number of templates in exactly the right dimensions ready for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for both posts and headers. There is a wide variety of layouts, elements like frames, grids, shapes, and illustrations. If you rather use your own images, you can easily upload them and process them into your own awesome creation.

In addition to the photo editor, Canva also has Color Palette, a handy tool for finding color codes in a photo. And Font Combinations, which helps you to use the perfect combination of fonts in your creation.

Smartphone app

Canva on smartphoneCanva also has an app for both iPhone and Android. Personally, I think it is not very handy to use on a small screen. But what is very handy about it, is the fact that you can access all your creations that are stored on Canva. That way you can create something on a desktop or laptop and download it on your phone any given time.

Canva on smartphone

Canva is very user-friendly

Good news is that Canva is very user-friendly! Anyone can learn how to create awesome social media posts, ebook covers, headers for your blog or website and much more! Here's a short video, in which Jason Whaling shows how easy and quickly you can create social media posts in Canva.

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