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6 Tips how to make an e-book

To make an e-book is not difficult. The time of paper books is not completely over yet, after all, it can be quite nice to sit in the sun with a book during the holiday season. Nevertheless, the rise of e-books is unstoppable. Thanks to the internet, writing is completely democratized, anyone with a computer can write an e-book about every subject. If you want to make a flying start with your first e-book, you should definitely read these tips, if you manage it smartly, you can even make money with it!

6 Tips on how to make an e-book:

Tip 1: Think of a topic for your e-book

It is striking how many people indicate that they would like to write an e-book but they can not think of a topic. Do not make the choice so complicated, look in the mirror and start from your own experience. Did you recently have children and therefore experienced a lot with diapers, infant nutrition, and vaccinations? 

how to make an e-book

Write an e-book about it! Have you been involved in digital photography for years and have you developed some very clever tricks? Write an e-book about it! Are you an outright Burgundian who has tasted all kinds of special beers in many countries? Grab a glass, fill one more and write an e-book!

Tip 2: Choose your software and hardware

Writing doesn't require an expensive computer, you do not need a fat gaming PC ... unless you write an e-book about computer games of course! Choose a computer that which is comfortable to work with, this could even be a smartphone connected to a Bluetooth keyboard. You can use Microsoft Word, or choose Open Office as a free alternative (download here). But even Notepad is good enough to pour your writers creativity into. If you are really old-fashioned, you can even write on paper and scan it later with text recognition (OCR).

Tip 3: Backup and revisions

Make sure your precious words are not lost, make backups. The hard drive of your PC can break, make a backup online. Make a copy of your updated document regularly so that you have A: a new backup and B: you can always return to an old version if you get stuck in your story.

Tip 4: Layout of your e-book

When we say layout we refer to a few things. One of them is the structure of you text. Split your story into chapters with sub-headings so that the e-book is built up logically and easy to read. But it also refers to the looks of it, a readable font, clear colors and a layout with, for example, additional photo material or drawings to illustrate the information in the e-book. You can do this in another program as the software in which you wrote the document. If you do not really have an eye for this type of business, you can also outsource that work.

A nice free program with which you can design the design of your e-book is Canva

Tip 5: Publish your e-book

First of all, you have to choose a file format like a PDF document. Not everyone can open a Docx or ODT file, and sometimes some formats can also contain viruses! Make sure your file is "clean" and reliable. There are ways to make text copying of your e-book more difficult, but complete security is impossible. When publishing, you can place the complete e-book behind a button on a so-called opt-in page on your website . Give a preview which is free to read and have the complete e-book downloaded after registration. of course, you can also choose to sell it. There are different ways to distribute your e-book, the best choice depends on the subject, the target group, and your goals.

Here you can download the pdf reader if you do not already have one! You can also provide this link to your visitors on the download page of your e-book. That way they will always be able be able to read it 😉

how to make an e-book

Tip 6: Stop reading, start writing!

It is now up to you to really start to make an e-book. And when you start you will find that the inspiration comes naturally, like a flood of words.

Hopefuly these tips on how to make an e-book will both help and inspire you to make your first e-book. Good luck!

If you have any questions about creating an e-book, feel free to contact us with your questions! Feel free to share this article with friends! 🙂