Google Shopping

Google Shopping: How does it work?

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" If there is a product in your webshop that nobody visits, do you have a store? Attracting customers to a web store is in many ways more difficult than receiving customers in a store at the mall. Google is the beginning of their "customer journey" for many consumers. And if it is up to Google, that is also the final destination. With Google Shopping the consumer can search, compare and buy via the powerful search engine.

Google is not a search engine ...

Google is a FIND machine! Previously, services such as Altavista, Lycos, and the Dutch Ilse functioned as a portal to the world wide web. In particular, Google was in the early years no more than an almost empty page with a text box and a button. After entering a search you got a list of links.

That is no longer the case, just as other websites engage the visitor as long as possible on their site, Google offers so many services nowadays that it seems like there is nothing more behind the search page. You immediately see a Google Maps when you enter the name of a store, you immediately see YouTube videos in the search results and you immediately see a list of products when you search for a product. Those blue links from the past are a lot lower on the page, chances are that consumers will not even get that far.

Google Shopping

Shopping via Google is broadly similar to resellers on You search this time in Google, but they do not sell these products themselves. They show product information, with a photo, reviews and everything you can expect from a webshop. When you want to purchase that product you get a price comparison with different suppliers of the same product.

Benefits of advertising in Google Shopping

  • You can easily enter your products into the system.
  • You only pay for your offer when you click or "seriously".
  • The consumer can search directly on Google products.
  • You generate traffic because the handling is done through your own webshop.

Disadvantages of advertising in Google Shopping

  • You have to compete with other providers.
  • The costs can increase considerably with popular products.
  • You attract customers who are specifically looking for a product, there is less chance that they "snoop" in your web store.
  • You can not offer custom products.

How do your products get into Google Shopping?

As it works with Google Ads, these placements are based on bids. Products always have a unique product code, by entering them as a seller you will quickly find the right product. So you do not need to add photos or descriptions yourself. Choose the products you supply and make an offer for a placement.

Google Shopping will place your webshop in the price comparison when your bid is high enough. Although the product information for these stores is always the same, the selling prices may deviate. To score well you will usually have to work with competitive rates. Google shows the possible shipping costs separately.

Google Shopping

Merchant Center

When you deliver custom products, Google Shopping is not suitable for you. You are limited to the product codes in the system. That is a different method than on Marktplaats where you make a unique listing yourself. This makes it easier for the provider on the one hand, but you have less flexibility than in your own webshop.

The article is linked to the price information from your own online store, so a discounted item is also displayed in Google Shopping with the latest price information. The Merchant Center is linked to the same Google account with which you can also maintain AdWords.

Cost of selling products through Google

As with other forms of advertising via Google, web shops are also awarded on the basis of bids. The more you are willing to pay for a shopping link, the greater the chance that you will be included in the price comparison. Incidentally, you only pay when someone clicks on your offer, or when someone watches your offer for more than ten seconds.

Where are the products placed in Google Shopping?

In addition to the Google Shopping tab, the main page also displays the ads when someone searches for products you advertise with. Partner websites can also show your ads. Not all services are available in all countries, so you can not currently show Showcase Shopping ads or Local Catalog ads in the Netherlands. Google will show these ads until your budget runs out.

Is Google Shopping the right thing for you?

When you sell standard products, Google Shopping can help you reach a larger audience. Alternatives are websites such as,, and More and more stores are working with resellers. Just like Bol or Amazon, they also include products from other suppliers in their assortment in addition to their own stock. With cost-per-click and a specified budget, you can try to reach your target group via other channels with low risks.