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Mobile shopping: the future of online shopping?

Until a few years ago users of PCs and laptops were the leading factor in designing and setting up web shops. Mobile phones have already been used, but especially for requesting information not so much for mobile shopping. The actual purchase was made via the computer with which the consumer could safely use the internet. This era is over, from searching for products to checking out, everything runs via the smartphone. What do you need to do to optimize the user experience for mobile shoppers, and what does it deliver?

Mobile shopping: Find the market

Many large retail chains have turned upside down because they responded too late to the shift to online shopping. As a store you can hardly do without a webshop, even the local baker can get turnover from sausage rolls delivered to seniors who live around the corner. Grandma herself uses the iPad nowadays, or her son orders bread for her during the lunch break via his smartphone.

Mobile shoppers want to see images

Research has shown that roughly two-thirds of customers want to see images. When purchasing clothes that makes sense, but with an image of half a multigrain or a Samsung Galaxy device you know exactly what it looks like. You will also see a standard photo, not the article you will receive at home. Still, images immediately appeal, a search is faster and when there is a "no image available" image, the customer does not trust it at all. So make sure you have good product photos of all your products in the webshop.

mobile shopping

True to a brand or a webshop?

When you visit a store that is messy, so you can not find anything and has unfriendly staff, you go next door to the competitor. This certainly applies to web shops, when the user experience is not in order, customers will drop out and look for an alternative. The speed of loading is of great importance here; the navigation must be clear, the information complete and customer reviews also help with making an informed choice. has become very popular for that reason.

Apps for mobile shopping score better

Why would you have a native app developed while you can just shop through the browser? The lower the threshold, the more customers you can draw, installing an app seems like an unnecessary extra step. That's right, but customers who shop via the app view four times as many articles, place around twice as many products in their shopping cart and almost 25% more often complete the transaction. The conversion in mobile shopping via an app is 20% higher than when shopping in the browser. So it can be very lucrative to have a custom app developed for your store.

Shop online in the offline store

As for the last point a very interesting figure; according to Google, 82% of customers use the device while in a store to make purchase decisions! The retail sector is not yet doomed but has to renew itself to retain the customer. Make sure that the shoppers are offered an in-store experience via the smartphone. Via location determination, you can give special discounts, with Augmented Reality you can make shopping a game, by scanning a QR code you can read a recipe that fits a packet of minced meat in the supermarket. Shopping has to become an experience again, mobile devices can help with this.

Mobile is also important for the retail sector

Not only do large companies go bankrupt because they didn't jump on board the e-commerce train, but even small independent entrepreneurs also lose the race against competitors who see the importance of mobile on time. From national chains to local shops, from electronics to fresh produce, mobile shopping can already benefit starting today. Tomorrow it can be just as important as a front door of a store. So, open your virtual door for a better service to your customers.