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Online courses: 8 Things you need to know

There are many prejudices about online courses that stop entrepreneurs from taking the step to start their own online course. And that's a shame because you can achieve a lot with online courses or webinars. As an entrepreneur, it can lead to more leads, customers, and awareness for your brand, and the participants can learn a lot from it. There are a number of things that you definitely need to know before you start offering an online course so you can get well prepared.

8 Things you need to know about Online Courses

1. I have no idea where to start!

Well, you are reading this article on online courses so you have already found an entry. Not knowing where to start is an excuse, it is a psychological threshold that you yourself put up. You have already started the moment you started thinking about it, with every word you read you are a bit further. Do not forget; you've already started, and now you go on!

2. The technique is less complicated than you think

A few years ago it was indeed difficult to operate all hardware and software, now there are much better solutions for both large companies and small independent entrepreneurs. You can organize an online course with a team or all alone. Do not worry about the technique, concentrate on the content. Do not be too shy to call in external help with the choice of the right tools to shape your course.

3. How much knowledge do you need to make online courses?

There are professions in which diplomas are literally of vital importance, for example, you prefer to surgery by a certified surgeon and not by a hobby butcher. If you have the right papers in a specific field or are an experienced teacher, you can teach about the topics you have studied for. Yet there are many areas where practical experience and years of knowledge are much more important. Especially in the area of new topics such as online marketing, virtual reality, bioprinting and the use of solar energy. You can never know everything, but you may know more about a subject than most people. Share this knowledge with your audience.

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4. Unfortunately, my subject is already occupied

It does not matter that someone already offers an online course about your favorite subject. Firstly, your approach will be different. Secondly, there are so many people in the world that not everyone will follow that course. In addition, the first is never the best or has the most success. Do you use MySpace or Facebook as a social media platform? Are you searching via AltaVista or via Google? The first will be the last ... And just as you can choose from an Android smartphone or an Apple iPhone, people will choose a course that meets their needs and preferences. It is not about the subject, it is about your approach to this topic.

5. I start when my course is perfect

What is perfect in this world? Every app on your smartphone gets an update regularly, the Mona Lisa has a strange smile, and the tower of Pisa has gone wrong. Perfection does not exist, it is precisely the imperfections that give character to a work of art, a course and to a person of flesh and blood. Prefer a good course online for a large audience than a perfect course in your head that nobody sees. All products and services are evolving, everything is and remains Beta. This also applies to your online course.

6. Setting up an online course is extremely expensive

Do you know what hardware, software and other resources you need to start exactly? No, how do you know if it is too expensive? I do not have to look into your wallet to claim that you can also afford to set up an online course. Even with free applications, you can already get started. Choose a solution that fits your budget and make the most of it. If you do it right you will see quick results and grow further (A wishlist member plugin starts at $ 197,-!).

7. What is the best time to start?

Wait ... wait ... wait ... wait ... NOW !!! Now is the time to start, what are you waiting for? Yes, there is a holiday to come, yes you want to collect some more registrations, yes there is a cold in the air ... There is always something in your life, or in your company so you still want to wait. Ultimately, you have to take chances when they lie ahead of you, and that is always in the present. The faster you start, the better it is.

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8. My network is still too small

In theory, zero contacts are enough to start. Who knows, someone might happen to join your online course and then you will have one person. Realistically, you can work well with several hundred contacts. You do not have to wait for ages to build a large community. A singer also starts in a smoky pub with only one wanderer in the audience who wants to escape from the cold. A small audience can grow. You do not have to be afraid to fail. You can just start your course, and also continue your efforts to build a larger network. As soon as your group gets bigger, you just start the second class.

You know enough, start making your online courses!

You do not know all the words that are in a dictionary, yet you can read, speak and write. And you will never know everything about online courses, or about the topic you choose. Build on the basis that you have, develop yourself and learn by doing it. With your own online course, you will not only enrich your audience but most importantly also yourself!

If you are interested in setting up an online course and want to know more about it, feel free to contact us for more info and/ or advice!