online products

Online products, different variations to make money

Making money from home, you read a lot about it but is it really possible? The short answer is "yes, you can make money at home", you can read the more detailed answer on this page. In this article, we also offer a number of options for the online products and services that you can sell to earn money from home.

Selling online products: How does it work?

First of all, you must, of course, have one or more products to sell. You can, for example, sell handicraft products that you have made yourself, you can also stock a range of interesting items and sell them. It is also possible to sell products via affiliate programs without having to invest in their own stock. You can also offer digital services such as online courses and e-books.

What do you need to sell online products from home?

You can very easily offer products via websites such as Ebay, also via you can offer products, both new and second-hand. You usually have to pay a commission to the service provider or pay in advance for a placement. Another way to sell stuff is to set up your own webshop. This can be based on a specific webshop system, or you can add a webshop module to a Content Management System such as WordPress. Keep in mind that you have to pay hosting costs for the website and registration for the domain name.

online products

Online products:

In addition to a website to offer the products and services, you will also have to do a lot of marketing, which we will come back to in another article. Here are some suggestions for online products and services that you can sell directly from home:

  • Online Courses: There are many specialists in various fields who teach online and promote their services through resellers. You get paid when these courses are sold through your page.
  • E-Books: Although many free e-books are offered, there are also digital books that you can sell. Think of do-it-yourself books, diet books, but also fiction such as novels. Digital books never run out, and you do not need a warehouse!
  • Affiliate products: The producer makes them and ensures that the stock is managed. You make advertising via the website or shop platform. When a sale is closed, the producer handles the order and you receive a commission.
  • Own products: Can you make custom jewelry? You can then sell them online. That way you are no longer limited to markets, fairs, and customers in the neighborhood. In custom work does not apply the legal 14 days trial period, so you do not have to be afraid of return shipments.
  • Other products: You may know everything about coffee and tea, or you can get cheap mattresses and duvets. Then you can sell these products online. You do need storage space, you have to invest in advance and in perishable goods you have to be able to sell the stock quickly.

You do not have experience with selling, offline or in a store? The best choice probably is to start with affiliate marketing. Later on, you can expand to new products and services.