website mistakes

Website mistakes: Five things that you should NOT do on your website

If you get more experience with online marketing, you will learn what you need to do to attract more customers. And eventually, make your website easier to find. You now know what to do, but are you also aware of what you should NOT do? On this page, you can find five things that we consider website mistakes.

Five website mistakes you should not do!

Website mistakes – number 1: Flash plug-in

When Apple decided to no longer support the Flash plug-in for mobile devices, Samsung made a commercial in which they indicated that their smartphone still works with Flash. Not long after they also dropped the familiar plug-in from Adobe. In addition to the security risks of Flash, you are missing hundreds of millions of mobile users. When the text “You need the Flash plug-in to view this content” appears on your website, you are far behind the facts.

Website mistakes – number 2: Under construction

website mistakesIt does not matter if there is only one page on your website, or that there are thousands of pages. Each page must contain content. A site or page that is not finished should not be visible to the visitors. Always avoid the terms “under maintenance”, “we are building a new site” and “under construction”. Publish a simple page that you show temporarily, with possibly an announcement for a new house style or more products and services. But an animating poison of a male with a big drill is really “not done”.

Website mistakes – number 3: Too much information on the main page

The visitor must understand in a few seconds what your site is about. Large pieces of text, everywhere photos or a combination of texts, photos and video clips is a recipe that is doomed to fail. In addition to the overkill of information, the page will load very slowly, and that main page should appear immediately on the screen.

Website mistakes – number 4:  Automatic translations

You can put a plug-in on a site to translate the website directly into another language. You better not do this. It seems like a good service for non-native speakers. But the quality of automatic translations is usually unacceptable and it looks extremely amateurish. When your target group is fluent in the Dutch language that should be the language you focus on. With an international audience, an English version is very suitable. You can create a multilingual website with flags that are easy to find on the page, provided the information is the same. For example, if the English version contains much less content, you should publish two separate sites.

Website mistakes – number 5: Everything for everyone

No one is waiting for a website that wants to meet the wishes of everyone. Focus on a specific target group and offer these visitors the most optimal experience. You can also provide a site with many different categories with unique landing pages with their own character that might refer to other parts. Always be clear in your proposition to the visitor.

What you should NOT do is often at least as important as what you have to do. What do you find annoying about the websites you visit yourself, and how do you think it is better?