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Artificial Intelligence in Google

There are a lot of SEO specialists who can help you to make your website score higher in Google. People who claim that they know exactly what makes a site attractive to the search engines. To give your website that much-wanted first place in the search results. Unfortunately, these methods are often of a temporary nature, and there is a good chance that companies that focus too much on the "rules" will miss the boat sooner or later. Because Google looks beyond SEO rules, they use AI (artificial intelligence). And you can not just fool it with SEO tricks.

The dangers of search engine optimization

Google determines the position of a search result based on about 200 different aspects. Not only is it virtually impossible to take all factors into account, at a given moment it does not yield any benefits either. Although online marketing professionals sometimes use this list as Google's law book, it is only guidelines and are not permanent. Think for example of link building, this was the way to get your website to score i Google a few years ago. This was exploited by link builders who sold packages with backlinks to quickly score better. Google noticed this, and now links to unreliable sites can actually negatively affect your ranking. Do not buy link packages from shady providers online. They will not help you score!

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There is an additional danger of excessive SEO, and that is the lack of quality for the visitor. There is sometimes so much time and money invested in the Google ranking, that the quality of content of a website is not up to standard. Do you want to score for the "bots" or rather for paying customers? It is Ying and Yang in search engine optimization, one can not do without the other. So make sure your website has quality before you try to achieve that number 1 position in Google.


You can try to influence 199 of the 200 factors, there is one aspect that you have little to no influence on; RankBrain. This is a self-learning system based on artificial intelligence. RankBrain can link search terms with overlapping meaning, and that goes far beyond words that are written incorrectly. Imagine you are looking for socks in small sizes, and you get search results with children's clothing, cots, and toys. You did not use the word "child" or "baby" anywhere, but Google draws this conclusion. Even terms that Google has never seen can be analyzed by RankBrain and it can link a meaning to it. In artificial intelligence, the system can put seemingly random information into context.

ANI / Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Rest assured, RankBrain can learn but stays within certain limits. With ANI a specific goal is set for the algorithm, and that is in this case data indexing. It is not a human brain that tries to tackle everything. The SPAM filter of your mail program also works on the basis of ANI, as well as the suggested articles on Amazon and in self-driving cars. The way Google learns is covered by "Deep Learning", a method for learning something based on raw data. If we know how Google is learning, we can then apply this to our online marketing strategy. Why is this important? According to Google, RankBrain (after content and backlinks) is the third main factor in determining the search results. And that position may well shift further up.

Accelerated learning

Technology development is accelerated based on the current starting point. The computing power of computers doubles every 18 months. Because the starting point represents an increasing value, the growth will also be faster. That is why "developed" societies in the world seem to grow faster than "underdeveloped" societies. The people in a certain area are not smarter or faster, but developments go faster when the level of knowledge is higher. But then ANI comes around the corner again, the development is indeed faster, but on a limited spectrum. Technology is developing very quickly in Silicon Valley, but they are lagging behind in terms of emancipation and equality in terms of culture and origin. Hence the many lawsuits because of discrimination in the workplace. Society is already ahead of those clever minds that develop our computer systems.

Artificial Intelligence will discriminate

This remark of emancipation and discrimination is not made up, and will also affect your online marketing strategy. In 2009, HP had placed a webcam on the MediaSmart computer that could track your movements. Well, if you have the right skin color. A white colleague was followed perfectly, but when her dark colleague came into the picture, the camera stopped resolutely with his face. According to HP, this was due to the method of image recognition, the camera looked at contrast with the eyes and cheekbones, and these were not clearly visible in the dark colleague. That does not make the computer immediately racist, but apparently, there were no dark people involved in testing this technology. Similar situations occur in photo cameras that indicate to Asian people that they are "blinking", and advise that you take a new photo. This is not a conscious discrimination, but the prejudices in society, and the diversity among people who develop artificial intelligence, can lead to discriminatory results.

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Artificial intelligence holds up a mirror

Iin March 2016Microsoft released a chatbot named Tay. This was an AI experiment with a virtual chat partner that learns by communicating. It began quietly with friendly language. Soon remarks came that Tay hates everyone, that feminists must die and that Hitler was right. Tay "learned" from the conversations and the statements were adjusted accordingly. And that is the danger with artificial intelligence, by learning from our behavior the dark sides of the collective psyche also come to the surface.

Regressive Analysis

Yes, we throw i a difficult term to wash out the bad taste of hate speech bubbles, which is an important factor in understanding SEO marketing. When websites suddenly drop in ranking, analysts immediately report that Google has adjusted something in the algorithm. But that is not how Google works anymore, it is possible that a Meta tag has a certain effect for you, and the opposite effect for your neighbor. For each search, a different result can result from AI that dynamically adjusts.

Stick to your niche

The best way to score high is not to deviate too far from your niche. When your direct competitor always scores well, that is your example. Apparently, that website has a high value based on different characteristics. Google makes lists of "good" and "bad" websites. If you sell shoes, but the structure of your website corresponds to a webshop that sells cosmetics, it is possible that your website is compared with the cosmetics site and not with a competitor selling shoes. So try to stay close to your niche. This certainly applies to the backlinks, which must be relevant and refer to similar sites in order to continue to score high in your niche.

Tips for SEO in the AI era

There is one thing certain in online marketing; there is nothing sure in online marketing! With these tips, you create a better chance to achieve good performances in the age of artificial intelligence:

  • Keep your websites within the niche, align your layout and content with leading brands and service providers.
  • Keep your backlinks relevant and within the niche.
  • The results of a change in the SEO strategy will not produce the same result for everyone.
  • Be clear to your visitors, to your customers and Google will also understand your message better.
  • Do not try to be contrarian in your marketing efforts if a high ranking is important to you. To stand out with marketing can work for the attention of the press. But we will leave that for a next time.
  • Bear in mind that artificial intelligence can sometimes behave quite stubbornly!

The further Artificial Intelligence develops online, the less you have to take "rules" into account. Start paying attention to that now and make sure that your website not only scores well in Google, but (more importantly) is also appreciated by your customers and contacts. This way you can look forward to a successful future!