Facebook do's & don'ts

Facebook Doโ€™s & Donโ€™ts

You have probably already realized that a Facebook page can be invaluable for your company. It allows you to come into direct contact with your customers on a platform that makes it easy to generate a lot of reach with relatively little money. If you ask me, it is not enough to just be present on Facebook. It is necessary to fully utilize the possibilities that Facebook offers you! If you do not do this, your competitors will do it ... To help you on your way, we have collected some of the most important Facebook do's & don'ts below, to show you how to use Facebook for your company. These are not technical tricks or in-depth marketing strategies, but rather a number of useful rules of thumb to keep in mind. Let's go...

Facebook do's & don'ts


Create a business page

If you are already in business but have not yet done so, then immediately close this article and only come back if you have taken this step! If you are still trying to run your business through your private Facebook page, you are really missing out on a lot of possibilities. Go to business.facebook.com and make sure you follow all the steps to activate your business page.

Post relevant content, like and share

Make sure that everything you post on your company page is relevant to your company and potential customers. You want to create value for your followers, so make sure everything you do on your page works towards this goal. Your likes and shared messages (shares) must also be a reflection that your company stands for.

Post Curated content

No inspiration for a new blog post, or no nice photos anymore? This is perhaps the time to place "curated content". This means that you share a shared message, cool photo or an interesting article from another Facebook page. It may be useful to store any interesting Facebook post from companies you encounter so that you can share it with your own followers later on.

Keep your page up to date and complete

Of all these Facebook do's & don'ts this might be the most important one. You always want to ensure that your Facebook page contains as much practical information about your company as possible. Concretely, this means that the 'Info' page has been filled in, the address is correctly displayed and you also add a description of your activities. The more information you provide, the more trust you generate with potential customers.

Use call-to-action (CTA)

Facebook allows you to add Call-to-actions to your ads or posts. These are action buttons that people can click on, and immediately send them to an external page where they can buy your product, subscribe to your webinar/mailing list ... A CTA is a perfect addition to your Facebook ads!


Only advertise on Facebook

The special thing about Facebook is that you can reach people in a relaxed environment, where they do not have to be constantly wary of advertisements and advertisements. People who follow your page allow you to take their valuable time and space in the news overview. It is therefore very different from the umpteenth flyer in the mailbox!
On the other hand, people also want to get value for it. If you are constantly launching ads for your new product, they will get you soon enough. Make sure you also give away free value. This can range from the aforementioned articles to which they have something, to a free e-book for all your Facebook followers. You will see that they will also respond more enthusiastically if you place an advertisement.

Going into negativity

Another important one to keep in mind when it comes to Facebook do's & don'ts. Look, there will always be people who are out to make your day go wrong. People who leave spiteful comments on your posts will not win for you by arguing with them. Do not let yourself get out of your tent, and just block such sad figures.
Make sure that you do not just remove every negative reaction so that you do not have to go into it! People who are negative because they run into a problem or feel that they are not being helped deserve your attention. Every customer who is not 100% satisfied offers an opportunity to further improve your business. Use this opportunity so ๐Ÿ™‚

Facebook do's & don'ts

Stop scrolling!

What a life do you have, right? You've made it so far that you can sit on Facebook for half a day for your work. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Believe me that if you keep this mentality, you will waste a lot of your valuable time on endlessly scrolling through your news overview. After all, it is also so tempting ... See Facebook as one tool to make your business a success, and use it as efficiently as possible. Post your post, help your customers, increase your name recognition and close Facebook again. If it's important for your business to be constantly reachable on Facebook, it might be interesting to hire someone to manage this for you. Then you can focus on the things that deserve your attention.

I hope you will keep these Facebook do's & don'ts in mind if you decide to start using Facebook for your business.