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Profile picture tips for entrepreneurs and professionals

In this blog, you will discover what a good profile picture is and I will give you some poser tips. Why is a good profile picture important? Photos are the first to attract attention. Just look at your own behavior on the internet? Your first impression of a website is determined by the photos. It doesn't matter whether you are self-employed or have a small or large business. To be able to present yourself well you need a good profile picture.


Profile picture tips for entrepreneurs and professional​

Good photographs are becoming increasingly important in the 'digital age' in which many people find their spot. A world in which individualization has struck. It is not always about the chat, which has already become much shorter than before. It is more about the picture. Who are you? We want to know that. Not only who are you as a company, but increasingly also: who are you as an entrepreneur? With the rise of social media, people get used to a company having a face. And that face should be your face. Pure. Sincerely. No idealized picture. A good picture. Quality is very diverse. 

The most important thing is that a professional photo is a photo that communicates what you want to communicate. Or in commercial use: a professional photo is a photo of which the customer understands what you want to convey with it or what you want to say to the customer. That is fairly common. Nevertheless, we can give a number of criteria that a professional photo must meet, here are our 5 profile picture tips:

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1. Provide a professional appearance

A professional profile picture gives a professional impression. We can not make it simpler than that. We often know that for a website, but for our social media we want to forget that. And believe us: what applies to your website also applies to your social media: a vacation snapshot in your LinkedIn profile does not make a serious impression. Unless that photo contributes to your positioning. It is important that you determine for yourself what you want to convey with your profile picture.

2. Good Depth of Field

By placing depth in the photo and bringing that which is important into focus, you set accents. With that, you unconsciously make your visitors aware of what you find important: all disturbing elements around the object are blurred; so all the attention goes to the object that is displayed sharply.

3. Good lighting

Lighting does the same as Depth of Field (DoF): it sets accents. It shows the visitor the focal point.

4. Provide radiant pictures

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When someone smiles it makes a more positive impression than someone who looks at you grumpy. Make sure that the people in the picture have a friendly appearance. A smile works wonders. Choose a photo that matches the style of the website. If the website is light and fresh, for example with blue or green colors, choose a photo with fresh colors. A dark photo contrasts with the design in this case and will detract from the persuasion of the website. In addition, anyway, fresh colors and warm colors make a more positive impression than cold and gray colors.

5. Provide unity

Your website is designed with a uniform look. Make sure that your photos have that same uniform appearance, so that they make the design and therefore the company calmer and stronger.

>> Tip: Choose a few photos with the same look and use them in your marketing messages. Think of your website, your eZine or newsletter and the various social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. But also in magazines, invitations to events and brochures. This ensures recognisability. Of course, it is good to renew every now and then or regularly, because you draw the attention again and you draw attention to yourself again.

Profile picture tips: 5 common mistakes

1. Blurry / unclear photos
2. Photos from many years ago
3. An unrecognizable profile picture
4. Photos that give a wrong impression
5. A profile picture that doesn't show you but, for example, the logo of your company (On some social media such as Twitter this is even prohibited)

Profile picture tips for Social media

For social media, it is important to use profile pictures of your face and not a big part of the body, because the photos are usually very small to see. Linkedin usually uses a slightly more businesslike profile photo because Linkedin is only used commercially. So with Facebook and Twitter, it is therefore dependent on purpose. Your personal profile on Facebook, for example, is meant to be used personally and your company page (or fan page) is meant for business purposes.
With Facebook, your profile picture is also visible with every comment and because of that I personally find it important that it is a nice photo (read friendly/professional). 

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On Facebook and Linkedin you can also go for a profile picture with a little more surface because you can click on the photo to enlarge the image although most people will not click to view the larger image. Just make sure you will still be recognizable on the small image. If you want to resize or crop your images but you don't know how, here's a handy and simple-to-use online tool

Posing tips

Most people find it difficult to pose because they are not used to standing in front of the camera, or think that it can be edited with software like Photoshop. That is why it is especially important that you feel at ease and that you work with ease during the shoot. A genuine smile works better than a 'posed' laugh.

Tip 1:

Try not to think how difficult it is, but try to relax and possibly practice in front of the mirror to see which smile (or maybe no smile) you find beautiful. I usually recommend smiling at a photo that aims to introduce yourself, because people love people who appear open and friendly, rather than stern faces. Especially in this time when the person behind the company plays a much more important role than before. This is mainly due to the rise of the internet and the force majeure of information from which we have to filter.

Tip 2 is at least as important:

Be yourself. Of course, you can get extra make-up and a nice outfit, but above all, you have to feel comfortable and express what you want to convey and what suits your company. If you never have a tie, it makes no sense to do it now.

Tip 3 applies to your clothes:

I would advise people not to dress too boring, but also not too colored. A neutral color with a colored item works best. A shawl or jacket for example. A lot of colors can sometimes be beautiful, but you also have to take into account the colors of your website, does it fit in with that? Screamy looking outfits with dots, squares or dashes often do not look so good. On the other hand: if, for example, you always wear checkered clothing and you want to position yourself like that, because it makes you feel comfortable and that is who you are, then you should wear that of course! Fully black, white or grey outfits are also not what I would advise, but again, if that is what you normally wear, then stay true to that.

Hopefully, these profile picture tips will help you upload a perfect profile photo on your website and social media accounts! If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to contact me. 

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